Next Generation

Containers and Shelters

Company Overview


NexGen Containers and Shelters was founded in 2012 with a vision to commercialize next-generation containers and shelters using advanced composite materials. While we continue to build and develop innovative composite shelters and containers, we also expanded our metal fabrication capabilities to design and build metal containers and shelters. Today, NexGen is one of the leading American manufacturers of intermodal shipping and storage containers. NexGen is a minority-owned, small business.

Our Facility
Our 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is strategically located in Summerville, near the port of Charleston, South Carolina. We invest in the latest technology and equipment for metal fabrication, welding, assembly, painting as well as composite panel and parts fabrication. Our quality management system is certified to the latest ISO 9001 standards. Our shipping containers are certified for the Convention for Safe Transportation of Containers (CSC).


Dry freight and storage

  • 40 ft
  • 20 ft
  • Bicon
  • Tricon
  • Quadcon
  • Specialty


  • 20 ft
  • Bicon
  • Tricon
  • Quadcon
  • Specialty


  • Expandable Tricon, Bicon and 20 ft Shelter
  • Flat Pack Shelter
  • Flat Wall Shelter
  • Composite Shelter
  • Expeditionary Kitchen
  • Expeditionary Latrine, Shower and Laundry
  • Expeditionary Workshop
  • Expeditionary Command Center
  • Mobile Medical Shelter

Parts & Accessories

NexGen Container and Shelters offers a wide variety of spare parts and accessories including:

  • Interconnectors
  • Shelves
  • Lashing Rings
  • E-Tracks and Cargo Control Devices
  • Door Gaskets
  • Ventilators
  • Document Holders
  • Other parts

Who we serve

NexGen Containers & Shelters

NexGen Containers and Shelters has a strong reputation and proven track record for providing the highest quality products and services for a wide range of industries. These industries include:

  • Defense
    • US Dept. of Defense agencies
    • Canadian Department of National Defense (DND)
    • Prime contractors and major subcontractors
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
  • Battery and Energy Storage Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers

The NexGen Advantage

NexGen Containers & Shelters’ customer service advantage focuses on cost-effective solutions through efficient and streamlined processes designed to increase productivity and reduce total costs for our customers.

Our advantage guarantee includes:

  • Custom solutions
  • The fastest turnaround times on all quotes and projects
  • A highly trained workforce
  • Industry-leading containers and shelters
  • Quick response times for all customer needs
  • Guaranteed short lead times
  • Strategically located facility in Summerville, near Charleston, South Carolina
  • Safe and green business practices designed to support workplace and environmental safety